How to use Uber

The Uber application is a specially written program that helps associate transport seekers with drivers who want to offer such paid assistance. Uber is a very popular service that is available in many countries around the world. How to use Uber?

An application is enough to order

To use the service, you must have a mobile device installed, which can be downloaded from Google Play, App Store or Windows Store.

Due to the fact that drivers provide their data during registration on the portal, customers can feel safe using their services. The person who reports the need for a ride to a given place in the application must provide their exact location so that the program can find the nearest car of the registered driver.

uber app

The application notifies the driver of the vehicle found where it should go and automatically calculates the time of travel to the customer. The program also allows the person ordering Uber to keep track of the quite exact location of the ordered vehicle, as well as counting down the time remaining until the car arrived.

How to use the application

After installing the application, a welcome screen will appear before us. However, this will not mean that we will be able to order a ride. To fully use the application, you must create an account in it.

We can create an account in two ways:

  • by providing your personal data,
  • by connecting a Uber account to a social account.

After creating an account, activating it and adding a payment method, select a destination and set your current location. Then we will see photos of the drivers available on the route chosen by us, a description of the vehicle offered (its size and capacity) and price. After clicking Order, the selected driver will come in a few minutes.

We can only wait for the arrival of the ordered car. Payment is very easy. The amount calculated by the application is taken from the card, which is authorized during account registration. Thanks to one of the useful functions of the mobile application, you can check the estimated cost of a journey on a selected route.

How to become a Uber driver

To become a Uber driver, you must first meet several formalities listed on the company’s website and send a couple of documents. This is not a prerequisite, because if someone does not have a company and does not want to set up a business, they can use the services of partner companies that allow registration in the system. You also need to scan the car registration card with which we will be taking courses and proof of civil liability insurance. It is also important to send a profile picture in good quality and a criminal record certificate. The applicant must have been in driving license for at least a year. The car must also meet several important visual and technical requirements that are listed on Uber’s website.

After completing all the formalities, it is worth getting acquainted with the functions. The mobile application is quite transparent and easy to use, so it should not cause major problems.


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