How to apply eyeshadow

Eye shadows are one of the basic color cosmetics for the face. However, many of us still don’t know how to use them properly if we want to use more than one color. Although, sometimes there are problems with one color. How to apply eyeshadow?

Where to start

The application of shadows largely depends on the shape of the eye, but there is a rule that fits most shapes. We apply the shadows starting from the darkest, with which we emphasize the outer corner of the eye. To optically enlarge the eye and give it a slightly “cat-like” look, we apply the dark shadow to the shape of the slender “V”, directed with the base to the temples and slightly upwards. With this shadow, we also lightly draw a line along the lower eyelid.

We apply the next shadow colors to the inner corner, from the darkest to the brightest. It is important that the colors overlap, passing smoothly into each other.

applying eyeshadow

An important element of eye makeup is a bright eye shadow, paler by a few tones from the color of the skin, preferably light beige. With such a shadow we wrap around the already made makeup, rubbing its contours, thanks to which it will get an elegant, professional look. So, we apply a light shade in the inner corner of the eye, under the eyebrow (between the eyebrow and the rest of the shadows, slightly overlapping the shadows) and gently pull it along the lower eyelid, rubbing the shade previously applied. The bright shadow under the eyebrow has the function of optical zooming, “opening” the eye, giving it a fresh, rested look.

Mix it!

The basic aspect of neat eye makeup is blending. Make them with a fairly loose, oblong, but round brush. Blend all shadow boundaries and where one color blends into the other. Never too much blending. Eye shadows are supposed to give the impression of a delicate cloud of color, without stronger color spots, which is why you should spend the most time blending.

Eye color and shadow color

The contrasting shade will always increase the color of the iris. The eye painted with a color similar to the color of the iris looks tired, because then we are dealing with the effect of optical redness of the protein. The contrasting color makes the proteins appear whiter, the color of the iris more expressive, and the face stays fresh and rested for longer.

Generally speaking for brown, hazel and green eyes – the best will be gray shades, purples, plums, blush, cold blue. The eyes are gray and blue – they look most preferably painted with shades in brown, plum, olive, gold-beige, copper.

Base or without base

Applying eye shadows to a powder base or a base shadow will extend the life of your eye make-up. However, this is not a daily step. Good-quality shadows should remain intact throughout the day. If you are painting for a larger exit, you can try applying to a wet base (it will provide even longer durability), but be careful, because once applied, the shadow will stick to the base and you will not be able to move it anymore.

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