The mattress is made from four layers of different materials including the proprietary Helix dynamic foam, pocketed micro coils and poly memory foam base. These layers are mixed and matched in thickness as well as placement as determined by their proprietary algorithm. This customization is designed to come up with an end product that is best for you as well as your partner.

The unique thing about Helix is that it uses a proprietary blend which is kept a trade secret. There are many different types of foams available today including latex as well as memory foam.

For instance, breathability and durability are well-known features of latex whereas memory foam is primarily known for reducing pressure points and pains. Both these foams also have their cons. For instance, memory foam may not be comfortable for everyone as it reacts to heat and pressure and may cause people to become very hot while sleeping. On the other hand, latex is not affordable for some consumers.

The Helix dynamic foam is said to combine the best features of memory and latex foams. Since it is a proprietary blend, no information is available regarding the actual materials used by the company in this particular foam.

There are a total of four layers. The base layer is made from dense poly foam that provides the foundation. It serves as the standard foundation layer, and it provides support to the sleeper as well as to the above layers. Another layer consists of micro coils that help in cooling off by increasing airflow. The coils not only add some springiness but also provide great support to the above layers, and it also prevents motion transfer as all the coils are independently wrapped.

Another layer is the transition layer, and it is made from the proprietary dynamic foam. The top layer consists of the proprietary dynamic foam which is very springy and quickly responds to pressure. It makes a person feel like they are sitting on top instead of sinking into the mattress. It also comes with a cover made of polyester which is extremely thin and breathable.


As far as the responsiveness of Helix is concerned, every mattress is different and is designed based on the responses provided by the user. The company says that they offer various degrees of firmness ranging from very soft to completely firm. Therefore, the responsiveness of your mattress will depend on the kind of responses you provide to the quiz.

The mid-layers of the Helix are designed to offer support to the body, and they keep your spine properly aligned. As far as the edge support is concerned, most testers found it to be great. One of the biggest problems most people face with their mattresses is of motion transfer. It refers to the motion transfer when a partner moves during the night. If the material provides a lot of motion transfer, it disturbs the other partner. Many people tend to overlook this factor, but it is a very important factor and has a lot of effect on the sleep quality. Therefore, it is important that you pay special attention to motion transfer while buying a mattress and Helix does a good job at motion transfer. Many different reviewers have tested the motion transferability of Helix, and all are of the opinion that it’s great at isolating motion.


Overall, Helix is a relatively new company, and there aren’t many reviews available online regarding durability and longevity of this particular product over a longer period. However, the reviews available online suggest that the company delivers exactly what they say and the option of customizing your mattress as per your particular needs make it worth your while. Another unique thing about this Helix is that you can design separate combinations for you as well as your sleeping partner in case you have different requirements.

You should know that Helix has been designed to work on a flat surface and if it is not kept on a flat surface, it may void the warranty. The company offers a 10-year limited warranty covering lack of support and indentations and other such issues. There is also a free trial available. You can order the Helix and use it for hundred days, and return it in case you do not find it to be comfortable.

There are some options available in the market today when it comes to mattress shopping but Helix seems to be the only mattress that delivers a completely personalized experience, and you don’t have to worry about doing much research as their proprietary technology allows them to design a personalized product for each of their customers. Most reviewers have found their sleep quiz to be pretty accurate in coming up with the kind of mattress that works best for them. You should give it a try, and you have 100 days trial available. If you’re not happy with the product, you can always return it and get a full refund within the first 100 days.


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